Tuesday, September 2, 2008


If they aren't always good, why call them "goodbyes"?
If they aren't always hellish, why call them "hello's"?

When will english stop being a funny language?
The irony hurts at times.


The happy traveller said...

Ohh a thinker post! i like!

um the word goodbye comes from "god be with you". Apparently people just kept shortening it to its present form. It'll probably be "goby" in a few decades if it continues its current evolution.

And first meetings are allus tough...i understand why "hell-o", thats how i met all the people i dont like.

n now my comment is longer than ur post

Aurora said...

Why is anything sent on a ship called cargo and anything sent by road called shipment?

CrazyDiamond said...

@tht: sigh ok.
wait, I don't buy that. Which moron would say "goodbye" instead of "god be with you"?

GBWY i'd understand, "godbe" also maybe or even "goby", but goodbye...

@aurora: funny take on my philosophical musings. Right then.

Blog sabbatical kya?

Mystique said...

yeah i was just wondering about hell-o myself. i prefer 'hi'

CrazyDiamond said...