Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Papa Loves Mambo

Alright, she's going to hate this.

Maybe I should have asked for permission before. I mean she's threatened me with a libel suit in the past and even though I doubt she'd pull it off (the libel that is), you can only push someone so far. Especially someone with a french disposal to life (and that too, only because I feel they hate the attention obsessed, chihuahua totting americans. And that's a good thing)

But this is me falling prey, to the pimping way of the blogging life.

So click here for the Indian In Paris blog. It's funnier than it sounds and highly intriguing in places.

And honestly, this doesn't come easy. No, not really. This is probably being impulsive and adulatory, but to be fair, if a blog is funny (or silly) enough to make us impulsive it shall be pimped.

That's the law. To which I comply only but rarely.

And you have to pay the bribe. That's also the law. Corruption and pimping is what this government is about.

But please be nice, quiet and discreet. She's going to hate the attention, even though she has a blog stat counter right plomp in the middle.


Anki said...

ex franxophile now hates the french

if that was a word n not a phrase or clause or watever shit grammer never taught me... elglish wud definitely be ironical

CrazyDiamond said...