Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweeter And The Monkeyman

I want to write a happysad post.

You know the kind...

It’ll make you whimper, sniff a little, then slowly (but surely) make you open those ducts and let the tears unwillingly drop out...sob by sob.

...and almost at the same time, your lips will be curling, that smile would be creeping up, your stomach would be doing flip flops, and you’ll burst a happy smile.

Oh, it’ll mess you up so much.

And if you’re sitting in something public like a subway, you’ll suddenly look up and blind people with those blushing red cheeks.

A crazy brilliant smile and tears running constantly.

People might even take a step away from you.

...just you wait.


Aurora said...

When I was a kid, I heard this song and I just could not understand how someone could sing such sad lyrics to a tune that always made me smile. Dare you to beat this. My first taste of something happysad, now try and beat this. :P

Impulsively Me said...

Have you ever cried in public? I was sobbing heavily in the tube one morning and felt amused at the same time when I saw people turning their faces away from me... :) You rock my soul!

Dhiren said...

Dont be sad my friend

CrazyDiamond said...

@aurora: oh putting bars to surprass already...but not so fast. When enough time has passed and it's least expected.
Maybe even when you've given up on such a post coming.

@IM: Nice. We shall repeat that. Now, if only I could rock my guitar.

@Dhiren: aha! been waiting for a comment from you forever mate.

moi interrupted said...

You are so ... surprising! That is meant to be taken in the best possible way. :)

CrazyDiamond said...

thank you thank you. Thick skinned that way. Always assume somethings a compliment than not.