Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Youth

Let's start it off with a question. Maybe that might help. Ease the flow; open the faucet - that kind of thing you know. Or maybe you don't. Or maybe it doesn't matter. Or maybe it does.

So yes, the question.

How do…How do you realise...No. That's not it either.

It's tough, it is. Getting the right words. And even then, there are so many facets that could never be captured in these...these words. On a blog. You'll never know what I'm emphasising, how I raise my eyebrow at the third word and bring my tone down just enough on the penultimate word, only to stress the last word.

So why try?

Why not?

Now who can argue with that? Actually I can. Argue with it that is, but no inclination really. None. And it runs deeper than that.

So then...where were we.

…How do you know when, how do you know how, things have changed?
There. That's what I was looking for. More or less.



The happy traveller said...

hmm, I think i usually know when things change. Its when they're no longer the same. Of course most of the changes this year have been pretty drastic...42 just might be the answer.
How do u stop things from changing for a while?

CrazyDiamond said...

hmm... true that. But accepting those changes is the tricky part no? Like falling in or falling out...

Refuse to acknowledge that "they're no longer the same"?