Sunday, June 29, 2008


9:15 pm The Meadows
9:15 pm Hartford, Connecticut
9:15 pm The USA
9:15 pm The who cares
9:15 pm The as individuals we’re good people, but as a collective something weird happens to us. Evil weird.

Never mind the rhetoric, at 9:15 pm in The Meadows, Eddie Vedder said “Good Evening Hartford!”.
9:15 pm I was there, soaking it all in.

It had been ages since I’d intentionally played a pearl jam song on my itunes. I’d hear them in the bars that I’d hang out, or sing along to one at a party - but I was exploring other music. In short, I’d moved on.

Like the boy who keeps going back to his ex, today, after what was a great time, I intentionally played a pearl jam song on my itunes. I played Wishlist. In short, I’m back in love.

Most bands are altogether different when they’re live in concert. Most love it and come into their groove...the attention, the pressure, the voices. Some crumble and fall. Pearl Jam were not great, no, they weren’t mindblowing either, but they sang to the crowd, they talked to the crowed, they danced with the crowd. When we all lighted our lighters to “betterman”, Vedder said “that looks beautiful in black”. When “Daughter” morphed into “Another brick in the wall”, Vedder pointed the mic to the crowd and sang with us the whole time.

That, in short, was my justification for being back in love with the band that named themselves after their aunt pearl’s lip smacking jam.


Scarlett said...

Good to find another Pearl Jam fan. I've been lucky enough to attend one of their concerts & man, did they rock!!

Aurora said...

I don't know what song it was that I heard, it wasn't clear at all, but I shall forever owe you for that phone call.

And I wanted to prove that you don't, in fact, own the song. :D:D

Impulsively Me said...


My oldies fall in 2 categories.. One that I go back to and be 'Wow'ed once more.. The other that I wish to forget I had been a fan of !! :)


Anki said...

he he.... i remember the embarrassing ride years ago... thanks to oceans of vodka flowing in the rivers of my blood ... when i used to cry like a baby singing along to Black!

n just last weekend... someone played Black on the jukebox at Mondy's n i laughed out loud realizing i cudnt ask for nything more than bacon, beer and Black

Zee said...

sigh........when will concerts come to delhi...

Aurora said...

Will you please blog already!

CrazyDiamond said...

@Scarlett: Yeah, they were nice. I'm bored of them now though.

@aurora: I think it was Alive. yes you do owe...DHL beers over to me as payment.

hmm... a wishlist does not a love for the song make. But since I'm in a happy mood,let's share the song then. :)

@impulsively me: Don't we all. Don't we all.

@anki: I remember I used to always insist the windows are down when Black used to play in the car.

@zee: Girl, I have come to the realisation that Delhi has more than it's fair share of plays, film festivals, concerts and the like. No pearl jam, but still...

yes said...
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sasa said...
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