Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here Come's the Sun

This is not a review things blog. Not even close. Except existential angst, we don't review any thing. And even then that is mentioned in a can't-do-fuckall-about-it way.

It's the difference between cookbook authors and fiction writers. This blog doesn't cook.

But then again, they say, the best reviews are written by someone with an outside eye. We've been known to agree with "they" every now and again... and since it's already a habit...

Delhi is the topic at hand. South Delhi to be exact. It's not the Delhi of my youth for much has changed. It's also the Delhi of my youth for much is still the same.

Turquoise Cottage has closed down. That's a pity. It's obviously not irreplaceable, for even now, Opus in Vasant Vihar claims to be a TC from the past. I beg to differ though. But at least they're trying. They're also currently debating the question - is it better to have tried and lost or not to have tried at all?

Of the new lot of yuppie favoured places - there's Smokehouse Grill, in GK2, for one. It's highly wanna be, with it's policy of couples only at the bar (even when it's empty). If you tell them that you'll be sitting at the restaurant upstairs, they're fine though. The passively aired music's a pain, but there are rock nights and DJ nights. So there might be hope yet. The ambiance I like, with it's pop art walls. But the real cracker were the starters. I loved the chorizo I ordered. The cocktails , with their smoked range, were ok. Trying too much they were.

TGIF is still TGIF. The Vasant Vihar one. It's not the special place to meet in - I don't think it ever wanted to be. But it's the harmless, after work, watch the IPL match of the day place. That's still an enviable spot to be in. The music's become pissful though. The cocktails are still fantastic.

Urban Pind (like the name btw), in GK1, is a tad bit different. The Khajurao art replicated on the walls, is very in your face and very much needed to break the two faced conservatism that is Delhi. I really like the cocktails here.

The crowd though, was much better in Smokehouse and TGIF.

Shalom, GK1, is a sham. I'd stay away and rather sit in a coffee shop. Which by the way are open till 2-3 am on a weekday! There's a no alcohol after 12:30am regulation in delhi. Caffeine, often claimed to be more addictive in certain circles, is as yet not regulated. Wait till the left takes over. Hopefully their idiotic brains haven't visited Urban Pind as yet.

On that the best coffee shop is still Yellow Brick Road, in the Ambassador. My college days came streaming back when I went a revisiting.

Five stars still rule the after midnight market. And after getting an earful of bad music and sometimes bad company, we'd often end up in the sterile environment of a five star's coffee shop. Debating, contemplating and just being there.

So those were my five nights in Delhi.

But bear in mind. This is not a review blog. Judge us as you must, for that is your prerogative, but know, sticks and stones....


Serendipity said...

I lived in Delhi 15 years ago for a while, and as a kid, Nirulas was TOTALLY my heaven.

revisited last month :)

I really liked this small coffee shop called cafe turtle i think, at Khan Market. tho it was slightly uppity. :)

Anki said...
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Anki said...

first of all &&#@$%@$#@@!*() (for giving my city a bad repute)

wat do u expect if u get stuck with the south delhi disease
u went to delhi at the wrong time naa.. meaning i was not there

its the best cityyyyyyyyyyy in india
with the best nitelife... sorry but bombay sucks beyond nything when it comes to partying as opposed to wat ppl think... it just stinks.. n so does bangalore n pune

just that u need to know where to go in delhi... with the right ppl ofcourse

next time u go there... let me know in advance
i will draw out the perfect where-to-drink-where-to-eat guide for u

for godsakeeeeeeeeee dont u diss delhi if u just chose to stay stuck in GK
did u try driving to india gate at midnight to eat ice cream in the rain

see even serendipity knows khan market has all the jewels

CrazyDiamond said...

@serendipity: oh yeah...I went and had their Hot Chocolate Fudge on three consecutive days. They didn't figure in the night life and hence the no mention.
Yellow brick road very close to khan market...try that next time.

@anki: don't get jasbati child...I actually thought that was a good review...I'm delhi boy and I do think it kicks ass over blore and pune. Never been to b'bay.
and south delhi is where all the action is...and you know it.Oh yeah :)

Scarlett said...

I know what the feeling is like to visit a city you've left for another. I've recently moved out of Bombay & I miss the restaurants, pubs (Shack) & other hang-out spots like Marina Drive, Bandstand etc. like crazy!

All ye wish said...

no Big Chill? How could you?

Sankalp said...

TC shutting down is like the end of an era..nothing can replicate tht basement..certainly not Opus!
still in town? try Indosheen or 6 Month Story..
YBR the keema pao

Serendipity said...

Youve never been to Mumbai?


CrazyDiamond said...

@scarlett: uh huh.

@all ye wish: oh I love their icecreams...completely forgot to go this time. Dammit.

@Sankalp: I hear you mate, I hear you. Good times. Although, they were crooks those guys...always inflating the bill randomly.

@Serendipity : hmmm...

Aurora said...

Stop eating home made aaloo paranthas and blog already.

The happy traveller said...

Thanks for the comment C.D. I think I'm mostly going to be on Vodka but I never say no to new experiences;)

You're right about TC,Opus just does'nt work. At least the staff's the same and who knows, it might reopen (so the manager told me last time I came a visiting).....I'm a creature of ever lasting optimism and hope....I also believe Elvis is'nt dead, he's just in another dimension.

Have you tried Mezz? The music's too loud but at least you can play a game of pool while you drink.(table's all messed up though)

The happy traveller said...
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scout said...

i rather liked smokehouse grill. very chill place. but i lost really pretty ear-rings in there. most upsetting. spent half the time under the tables, trying to find it.

and as far as khan market goes, nothing beats the market cafe rooftop in the winters. :D

CrazyDiamond said...

@aurora: I go to a happy place whenever I eat home made aaloo paratha's. No blogging there. None.

@tht : Optimism is good. Everlasting optimism is just plain silly. But have that Absinthe...

@Scout: You know, when I was there, there was a girl kneeling under tables looking for something. Maybe it's a regular thing at the smokehouse.

珊珊李 said...
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sasa said...
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