Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Cutter

It's been a while and I itch. No, not in the wrong places. It's the metaphor I'm looking for.

I itch intellectually. I itch for answers. I itch for good company. I also itch on my nose. It could be related. Like the butterfly effect?

I don't like the word "itch" now.

In Delhi at the mo. Vacationing I am. Liking it? - maybe.
Actually, in 2 years, I am going to be based and working out of Delhi. I have thought this through and through. It's happening. Decided? - definitely

But 2 years is an infinity.

oh Murphy, why did you have to have a law. I know you said what you had said, in jest most likely. I know you meant well. I know it. But it's messing with me at the present. Treating me as a guinea pig. Empirical evidence I understand.

Why would she ignore me now? Is it because now, I like her?
Same rant, you say.
I would have an answer for you, but I need to scratch my nose.


Anki said...

kya haiiiiiii
the whole world gets to move to delhi
n i get to move out


CrazyDiamond said...

the weather's awesome also these days...just saying.