Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ziggy Stardust

Its been a while now me hearties, but with great power comes great responsibility. Ah! fear not, even I don’t know what I say.

But its been a good couple of weeks - of the bitter sweet variety. There have been the usual award winning worker bee days, the almost romances and the happy melancholic wine drinking lava lamp watching reflective days.
Elaborate I shall. For the show shall go on.

So I embarked on my first business trip in the new job, but the whole troupe of us was besieged by the weather demon. Planes were cancelled, hotels were rebooked, long queues among saddened faces were beared - I don't like business travel already. But it was all worth it, for you see, an award I was given at the company gathering once the planes landed. Me. A worker bee. A glorified worker bee. My kingdom for the abandonment of a hippie.

A friend's visiting over and she has this notion of love that is so sweet and pure that its just not true. But you try and argue with her. There’s always true love around the corner waiting to happen, somebody who truly loves you for the end of time and you will find her she says. But what if... you will. But I did and now...you will. But it doesn’t make sense ....you will and it makes sense.
Ah women!

And then there are the almost romances. What is up with that? Its like everyone likes everyone....but just to that extent. The fear of romance ( some call it commitment) lingers evermore. I see it so often. Everyone’s putting it off for something...career, studies, just plain unsure, or waiting for the love around the corner. So many wasted chances, so many. To steal a fellow bloggers words “ its like there are women and there are no women in my life all at once”.
Nobody's willing to sail into the wind anymore....suppose thats the bane of maturity.
(I tend to overuse “everyone" so excuse the extremism)

And then the week ended in a bang. It had been long in the planning, but plans like these never lend themselves well to planning. So on a random Sunday afternoon, under the glare of a neon sign, on a whimsical notion under whimsical influences, we bought tickets to that great gig in the sky. The date is set. Vegas is mine to conquer. I will be Ziggy. I will play guitar.


hedonistic hobo said...

shouldn't you be on mars recruiting your band? hah!

the thing about almost romances that really infuriates me is the word 'like'. i've said it to many people myself i confess. which is why it infuriates me. because there's such an insincerity to the word 'like'. the phrase:'i like you', it's a parachute phrase. you take it and you jump the moment things get awkward. and it's a nebulous phrase, it implies nothing. it means nothing and at the end all you have is the memory of a good romp in the park and that's it.

then again. if one regards relationships as sating one's hunger then you can conceive of an entire gamut of types of hungers being sated by relationships. so depending on the extent of your hunger, you have the mini sandwich. you have the full course meal and then you might have what your friend seeks and believes exists. the staple diet.

ok. this is long enough to be a blog post.

CrazyDiamond said...

HH, I would be recruiting if I could only get over my fear of spiders...

Really? is what my friend seeks really the staple diet. I would have thought otherwise.