Saturday, June 9, 2007

Changes it does

There’s got to be a change here. This blog seems too impersonal. I am not even very clear on when the whole blog thingy started up and why I ventured forth....perhaps a penchant for being part of the wagon...”everyone’s doing just sit around anyway...perhaps you have interesting things to say, you never do shut get on the wagon brother”...get I did.

Anyway, since it’s in motion and I am apparently in possession of one blogger ID, I feel the need to comply...

So there are two types of blogs feels I. The ones that “write for self”, the ones that “write for others”...mine was (is) a write for self.....which is why it was all impersonal. “Write for selfs” rarely go into vast monologues about their recent escapades. I mean I just lived them moments a while back and now I should write it in flowery linguistic appeal only to post it on the mean ass WWW. That just stinks of “Write for others”....hence the the poetical, philosophical, non-autobiographical bent of the erstwhile-to-be blog of mine.

Why the perceived need for change?
Its too boring.The fun blogs are the “write for others’. I want to be a fun blog. I shall write my day to day wanderings in flowery ramblings. Q.E.D.

But then that nagging irritating questioner in the background asks, who’s the “others” you write for einstein....the “Others” was just for purpose of distinction dear Watson.

I hate the titles though for every post. If I choose a title before writing the post do I need to structure it to suit the title. Isn't that a trifle constraining. If I choose afterwards, then what title would be best as the post does not comply to one definition. Ah choices!

Come to think of it I lead a decently boring life...a very boring life...I could lie...I’m not good at lying. Maybe I could intersperse a bit of the “write for self” with the “write for others”...a bulb lights up somewhere in the background...a hybrid blog. With new brimming confidence my mind succumbs to the artificial comfort screaming " bring it on".

Egoist you say, I say ok.


Anukriti said...

I had a similar talk with myself when I decided to 'join the bandwagon'. But then figured it was useless thinking about it because I knew I was going to write all sorts of things! Infact, I just realised that I write as if I am talking to others, but given that I know there are hardly any people who read my blog, this 'others' is an empty basically I have no clue who I write for :)

Ambooj Tiwari said...

miserable dilemma dude...i kinda know what you are matters like these i am 'somewhat libertarian'...i just let the pen decide who will be the audience!

CrazyDiamond said...

@anukriti: miserable dilemmas like Ambooj says, though you should know that I read your blog :)
@Ambooj: the pen is what decides now buddy...amen to that