Monday, September 7, 2009

Stir It Up

So I did a naughty thing.

I did two days of golf in a golf resort this Friday and Saturday. 3 friends; 4 rounds of that old picturesque, beautiful and yet frustrating game; blissful dinner with tired hands that could barely lift the cutlery and a countryside that probably inspired poems and sketches (that most likely hang on banker walls).

This country has it easy man. The fertile soil, the sun tanned climate, the frolicking wildlife. My development economics teacher always touted the golden rule of these developed economies as “Location Location Location”. So he stole it, but he used it well he did.

And then as I hit Manhattan, the ugly smell of perfume, deodorant, high heels and concrete brought the dream crumbling down...

But wait, naughty thing. That being I bunked work for it. I just plain didn’t show up for work on friday. No leave, no notice. Something like this is very alien to the american psyche, what with their work worshipping way of life.

So what we’ve got here, is a psychological experiment. I’m assuming my boss, never having any experience in this kind of behaviour, either:

1. Renders me insane and doesn’t confront me.
2. Confronts me but stalls for words to form a respectable question regarding my behaviour.
3. Shrugs his shoulders at me when he sees me on Tuesday, sighs and gives me more work. Essentially ignoring the whole absence.

Really, I doubt if he has any other options. It’s that far removed from their way of thinking.

I’m rooting for option 1. I’ve never been labeled insane and it’s been a dream. Wish me luck.


Scarlett said...

Americans don't worship work, or they'd be slogging late nights & during weekends, like us Indians. They're just a hell lot more professional than us. All the best with your 'insanity' plea! Let us know what happens on Tuesday :)

shenanigans said...

If you want to meet work worshippers or see the real SWEAT SHOPS, come down to Singapore! The bars are not bad either :-)

shenanigans said...
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Anonymous said...

i refuse to believe that no one has ever labeled you insane. ;)

Anki said...

development economics

see now u a lil less evil in my eyes

but insane


pri said...

yay for you! if you get fired come see me. im looking for an ironer.

CrazyDiamond said...

@Scarlett: Hmm...But Indians just work hard. They don't worship work. The Americans give "work" way much more respect than it deserves.
Working longer hours, apart from being a waste of time, does not bestow love for work.

Not sure which is better. Probably neither.

@Shenanigans: I did come for the bars once. The durian smell nearly made me run away. I love boat quay. I want boat quay.

@Anon: None. I'm pretty sane where appearances go. :)

@Anki: Yes, Dev Eco was my marijuana. It made me slow, and thus less evil. It took my life blood slowly. Bloody dev eco.

@Pri: I hate ironing. Not even if you're the last iron left on earth!