Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coming Home

Suddenly I realise that there are a ton of movies releasing this year that I can't wait to watch.

- X-men
- GI Joe
- Inglourious Basterds
- Harry Potter
- Angels and Demons
- 2012
- Star Trek
- Ice Age 3
- Crank 2 (sounds horrible but I love Jason Statham, man)
- Gomorroah
- 9
- Watchmen. Ah Watchmen. You know, if the movie industry fucks this one up (again), I will lose faith in hollywood forever. I will send a dead horse’s head to the director, I will.

It somehow makes even the apocalyptically inclined news that's been showering on us off late, bearable now.
It's all good.


Australis said...

Hehe I just wrote about waiting for the Watchmen too! Copycat.

And Public Enemies! Terminator 4! It is unacceptable that these are not on the list. Hmph.

Sumedha said...

I didn't even know that Harry Potter, Ice Age 3, and Angels and Demons are all out this year. Hope they're good, but, judging from the first five Harry Potter movies, I have little hope for the sixth. :( Ice Age should be brilliant though!

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever told you that you're actually supposed to read Harry Potter and then watch the movies if at all? Please allow me to tell you that once again.. you're supposed to read Harry Potter and then watch the movies if at all. :)

CrazyDiamond said...

@Australis: ah, I was bound to forget some. Only human. Royal, but human. :)

@Sumedha: I saw the ice age 3 trailer. Still laughing.

@Anon: you know, funnily enough, someone has. And that someone also, in terms of an education, promised to read out from Harry Potter to me once a day, every day.
Are promise breakers shoemakers?