Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bohemian Rhapsody

It's been a while now, hasn't it? This thing, it's been gathering dust. But I've been a victim of time. A lack of it.

So since I posted last
- I've moved apartments. It's a right pain in the ass to search and move homes in this city, man. There are mostly shitty apartments in shitty areas out here. And when that holy grail of a perfect place at a great price comes along, you're always a day late.
But I think I got a decent grail - it's not holy, but it shines.

- The markets sighed, screamed, bucked and then tanked. Friends I know lost jobs. The US govt became socialistic, saved the rich people, and helped plunge the economy deeper. Things like this happen in an emotionally charged country like America. And so time got involved in it all too.

- India became "smoke free". I don't smoke like smokers do, but this overarching control of the government doesn't go down well with me. Free will is dying. A slow silent death at that too. Governments are taking over the way to live everywhere.

- A wong kar wai fan recommended Chungking express. She said she began to believe in love after seeing it. She also said the end is what makes the movie great. I saw the movie. I loved it. But I slept off before the end. By next morning my friend had returned the movie back to the movie shop. So I never got to see the end.
But then, I'd begun to believe in love before the movie began.

So, what did you do?


Anonymous said...

what friend is this? touche...

Serendipity said...

watched Hellboy :)

Aurora said...

Nothing much. Waited for you to post. We have no life, we even answer what could be a rhetorical question on a blog. We also refer to ourselves in the plural sense.

Aurora said...
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s said...

Go watch the ending. I love the movie too.

Anonymous said...

I think we totally have an ass of a government who banned smoking in public. looks like its pretty ok if you get drunk, knockdown a coupla people down the road, after all you arent smoking :|. I dont smoke smoke, but yes i smoke, and i take it as an infringement of the so called democracy, demokrasi or bleargh to sound better.

Anki said...

i continue to live in a squalor
went broke like the wall street
couldnt smoke at the coffee place, the shawarma place n a lot of other places
watched won kar wai... i suggest In the Mood for Love

CrazyDiamond said...

@anon: touche? anyway

@serendipity: isn't that a pity. heh, sorry it rhymed. Had to.

@aurora: plural is cool. We or plural is the new black.
We use it all the time.

@s: yes, am attempting.

@delphian oracle: I know, the whole "doing it for your health" reason fails under the hypocrisy you so outlined. Dictators!

@anki: I understand that if you're too big to fail, the US govt will provide $700billion for you. I'd apply.
And yes, wong kar wai fan wants to watch In the mood.. with me. So do we. Ahem.

Aurora said...

Once again, it has been a while. Post already.

OrangeJammies said...

I noticed the blogroll. I'm in august company. :0)

CrazyDiamond said...

@aurora: yes sir,blog police sir. :)

@orangejammies: now now.